• Uwerx will revolutionize the freelancing industry with its low flat fee of 1%.
• The platform recently released its Alpha version and the Uwerx Vault for user engagement and rewards.
• The presale token allocation was increased to 427,500,000 (57%) of the total 750,000,000 WERX supply.

Introduction to Uwerx

Uwerx is a revolutionary freelancing platform bringing decentralization and a 1% flat fee compared to 10 or 20% charged by Upwork and Fiverr. The platform has recently launched its Alpha version with features such as Landing and Sign-Up pages, Log-In/Sign-In page, Forgot Password, Freelancer or Client Initiation, Initial Step of Job Creation and Finding Talent, My Activity Page, Hiring Dashboard page, and Job Creation Process Page. The Uwerx Vault has also been released to promote sustainability, user engagement and rewards.

Increase in Token Allocations

Due to the surging presale of Uwerx tokens the team has revised their initial allocations. The presale token allocation was increased to 427,500,000 (57%) out of 750 million WERX supply. Currently they are in stage 5 presale where 72.5 million WERX is available for purchase. Furthermore to ensure users maximum profit the team reduced their token allocation from 7% down to 5%. To further guarantee this they have started 25 year liquidity lock up on developers’ tokens as well as conducting Test Airdrop so users can receive wallet addresses correctly entered.

Transparency & Security

To make sure that users trust them completely the team renounced smart contract ownership and will be providing transparency throughout their project journey. They have conducted polls showing 98.2% vote for Test Airdrop which will be happening soon after being approved by 82.8% community members who voted for them to start now .

More Features Coming Soon

The Uwerx team will continue developing new features in order for it’s Beta version launch such as allowing users test out the platform themselves as well as introducing more rewarding systems for users so they keep engaged in their project long term .

Tron Price Prediction

Analysts predict that Tron (TRX) price could surge due to massive adoption of Uwerx once it launches officially into mainnet . With more features coming soon , increasing numbers of polls held among community members showing how much they are invested into this project , analysts believe that this token has great potential ahead .