• Whale Alert reported a transfer of 56.1 million TUSD (approx. $56.4 million) from Justin Sun to Binance.
• Binance CEO CZ warned Sun against using the funds to acquire LaunchPool Sui tokens, meant for retail users.
• Sun clarified that the transfer aimed to facilitate market-making and enhance liquidity and the trading volume for TUSD.

Justin Sun’s Whopping TUSD Transfer to Binance

Recently, Whale Alert reported a significant transaction of 56,100,000 TUSD (equivalent to $56,444,454) was transferred from Justin Sun, the founder of TRON and owner of Huobi Global, to Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world.

Binance CEO’s Warning

In response to this news, Binance’s CEO Changpeng Zhao “CZ” warned Justin Sun against using these funds to acquire LaunchPool Sui tokens as it is intended only for retail users and not wealthy individuals.

Sun Clarifies Purpose Behind Transfer

Justin Sun replied clearing the air on this hefty transfer by explaining that TRON DAO Venture had deposited these funds with an aim of facilitating market-making between leading TUSD exchanges in order to enhance liquidity and trading volume rather than participating in exchange promotions. Within a few hours their market maker achieved total trading volume of $40 million contributing towards stability of TUSD’s price.

Mistake By Team Members

Unfortunately some team members were unaware about this purpose for which these funds were transferred and used them inadvertently for exchange campaigns which was noticed later on by Justin Sun who contacted concerned exchanges immediately informing them about this mistake.


This incident highlights how blockchain technology provides transparency regarding transactions which is ultimately beneficial despite certain mistakes committed inadvertently at times due cautionary measures taken by authorities like CZ warning against misuse of funds while also appreciating such transparency provided by blockchain technology