In this summary of Bitcoin mining news, we highlight the highlights of the last seven days in this business.

One more week ends loaded with news about the mining of the most important of the crypto currencies, Bitcoin. In this usual Sunday summary, the most important events of this expanding business around the world are explored.

As the price of Bitcoin breaks its historical record and reaches new heights, the benefits to miners increase. Starting this week, the price of the most popular of the digital currencies began to rise, closing the week at over $23,400.

In this context, investors and businessmen in the extraction of this cryptomone currency have seen their profits multiply. This fact has led to important information related to the business, among them the considerable increase in the miners‘ income.
The 5 most important news of the week in the area of Bitcoin mining

In this work, the 5 most outstanding news related to Bitcoin mining during the last 7 days are presented. Although the information has been abundant, the work compiles a summary of the most important ones:

  • The miners‘ income increased as a result of the Bitcoin increase.
  • 59,000 new ASICs will triple Core Scientific’s computing power.
  • Electricity bill of $3.7 million to Montana mining company
  • Mining company prices soar by 35% in the middle of a Bitcoin bull run.
  • Riot Blockchain explores immersion technology in Texas.

Miners‘ income skyrocketed as a result of Bitcoin’s rise

One of the most remarkable news, after the increase of Bitcoin, is that mining revenues have skyrocketed, especially this week. According to figures from, they are at about 27.2 million dollars a day.

This is the largest entry recorded since June 25, 2019. It should be noted that now the network’s reward for each mined block is 50% lower at BTC than on that occasion and even in 2017, when the revenue reached some 49 million per day.

Another important aspect is that during the other ceilings, the high revenues were leakages. Now, the prolongation of Bitcoin’s bull run has allowed them to stay in place for weeks, which translates into big advantages for those who are involved in Bitcoin mining.
One of the biggest digital mining news of the week is that Miners‘ Revenues increased in response to the Bitcoin price hike. Source: One of the biggest news stories about digital mining this week is that Miners‘ Revenues increased in response to the Bitcoin price increase. Source:

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